Week 6

This week we are continuing to work on the Clinic Music, Clinic is Saturday October 18th Don’t forget to turn in your practice records by Thursday. Our first fundraiser orders for the Chicago Trip is due Monday October 13th.
Monday: Clinic Music A
Tuesday: Clinic Music B (Playing Tests)
Wednesday: Clinic Music A
Thursday: Clinic Music B
Friday: I will not see Milwood students today it is a half day am schedule.


Week Four

Thank you for returning all the paper work to me. Contacts, syllabus, Clinic letters have been returned for the most part. Sixth hour has all the clinic music and those that are attending have chosen which group and level they will be participating in October 18th.

Fifth hour has been working on posture, position and are doing a great job. I handed out their first arrangement “Elf in a Tree” and book 2 of “Essential Elements” which has a great review section in the beginning of the book.

All should be practicing 150 minutes a week to keep improving.

Week of September 8th

Monday Collecting Contracts, Clinic slips and syllabus
Tuesday Reviewing class procedures
Wednesday Instruments arrived for all open house tonight
Thursday 5th hour going over instrument care play together for the first time hand out folders
6th hour tuning procedures G Major scale D Major scale
Friday 5th Rhythm sheets, first arrangement lesson book
6th clinic music Sahara Crossing Holiday music Charlie Brown Christmas